Elder’s Ambition

Sept. – Dec. 2014    
with Shiyu Liu(Back End & Producer), Mengjin Yan(Front End), Sijia Song(Designer), Yingning Sun(Designer, QA)    
as Artist  
12 week  
in course Software Engineering  

This is a magic-tower-like RPG game. Sometime in the future, Aunt Liuhai(刘海姨) and APTech’s student have invaded the world of Software Engineering. As the chosen child, hero of this story have taken guidence from the elder one(长者) to go to the world of Software Engineering, in order to eliminate monsters and liberate Tsinghua University.

During the gameplay, NPC will ask player questions about Software Engineering. By giving correct answers the player can gain power to defeat enemies. And by this the player will learn Software Engineering.

I am artist in this project, creating all art assets and user interface.

Game Screenshot:



Traditional Magic-Tower game


User Interface Design Draft


Some of art assets


Use Case Diagram


Class Diagram