Call me 马工

Interests and Skills | 兴趣和技能

  • My main interest is in learning procedural, rendering, design, AI, and new things. This blog records some of my new ideas, experiment projects, learning notes etc. It only expresses my personal interest and represents nothing of my employer.

  • Skillset include: 3d art production pipeline and shader development, programming in game engine, plugin development for DCC tools. Also have some knowledge on front-end, back-end, devops, linux, arduino/rasperrypi, machine learning, robotic-arm, CAD/BIM, carpentry

Professional Experience | 职业经历

  • 2024.04 ~ Now: Self Employed
  • 2021.07 ~ 2024.03: Staff Software Engineer @ Taichi Graphics
    • From 0 to 1 build online editor and develope in-house art pipeline on Taitopia Render
    • React webapp, blender python dev, team management, documentation
  • 2018.10 ~ 2021.06: Associate Art Technical Director @ Ubisoft Shanghai
    • Support art team on Farcry 6, Farcry DLC, Assasins’ Creed Valhalla etc.
    • Maxscript, python, C# dev, team management
  • 2017.07 ~ 2018.09: Technical Artist @ Netease Game Thunderfire Studio
    • Develop world authoring tools and rendering on 风云岛行动
    • Unity3D C# dev, shader dev

Social Media | 社交媒体

  • Finding this blog interesting? Adding me on Wechat@major0120 let’s chat.
  • Github ID maajor
  • 我最近的博客也发布在微信公众号上 码工图形

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